.be is a network that promotes digital adoption across the built environment

A place for changemakers

We believe that the the built environment should be the cornerstone of our digital, as well as physical, lives. Creating a world around us that connects people to their community, their government and their economy.

We want a .be champion on every committee and organisation responsible for or contributing to our built environment. These individuals will recognise the opportunities presented by digitisation, embody and promote the .be open ethos and be active agents of change.

We promote collaboration in construction relationships and across the lifecycle

Promoting Open innovation

Whilst wider society becomes digitally adept we still build as we have done for the past millennia.

Our aim is to bridge the doteveryone campaign and the Digital Built Britain strategy bringing together change agents from every corner of the industry.

We promote open collaboration between the people that plan, design, construct, manage and maintain the built environment.

We promote open innovation and diversity. Embodying the design, construction and operating professionals of the future.

Across the entire Built Environment

We believe that the built environment is at the heart of our global society. It builds the foundation of our communities and connects us to local services and the rest of the world.

We are addressing the gap between inspiring and making change. We aim to create and maintain a platform for innovators to invent, and late adopters to adapt utilising the best of modern technologies.

When we talk about the Built Environment, we include buildings and infrastructure and the whole lifecycle of assets and facilities.